Janet Briggs - Tai Chi Instructor


Janet has been teaching martial arts for over fifteen years, and enjoys sharing her knowledge with her students. Her solid understanding of body mechanics, gained from years of training, is particularly beneficial for her students in learning how to execute each movement in a precise manner. Having trained in both external and internal (hard and soft) martial arts, she believes that our ultimate goal is to attain a higher level of self awareness through integration of our body, mind and spirit. 


Janet Briggs studies under Alex Dong, a fourth-generation tai chi master from the world renowned Dong (also known as Tung) family. His great-grandfather Tung Yin Jie and his grandfather Tung Hu Ling were both celebrated masters from the Yang style school of tai chi. Janet regularly visits New York to attend Master Alex' workshops, as well as other intensive workshops offered by him throughout the world. 


Janet holds a senior instructor certification from Dong Yin Jie Tai Chi Legacy, the school headed by Master Alex Dong. She is also a dedicated karate practitioner who holds fifth-degree black belts in two traditional Okinawan karate styles: Goju-ryu and Shorin-ryu. In addition, she holds a first-degree black belt in kobujutsu, the ancient weapons system. Janet holds a title of Renshi, a senior instructor, in karate.